12 Month Predictive Forecast

$ 135.00

The 12 Month Predictive Forecast describes and explains certain influences and opportunities you may expect during the time span discussed. It also includes suggestions for resolving any challenges you may encounter  in advance. This will allow you to maximise the positive potential as well as preparing in advance for challenges that may be developing. The forecast gives an outline as to the year ahead (usually from birthday to birthday) and a month by month guide, highlighting significant days within each month to take action or to wait. The Predictive Forecast is an excellent guide for goal planning too!

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1 review for 12 Month Predictive Forecast

  1. Milo – USA

    I received a year numerology report from Lyn in June. I reference it quite frequently and try to keep the information in the back of my mind. It has been very useful and extremely accurate as to the events going on in my life, including predicting when the week of my vacation was going to be! It has been extremely helpful when trying to make decisions and prepare for the month/week/days ahead of me!


    Milo – USA

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