Personal Profile (Adult)

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Get your Personal Numerological profile by International Numerologist – Lyn Busuttil.


This profile is designed to give you new insights into your character and personality from a perspective considerably different by using information based on the ancient science of numerology, discussing the lessons you are learning in this life, decoded from your date and name at birth.

  •         What are your deep inner desires and how to acknowledge them?
  •         What are your talents and personality traits and how to access them?
  •         What is the best work environment in which you excel?
  •         How do you relate to other people?

The profile also suggests how to identify and take advantage of any existing opportunities, as well as open the way to more favourable possibilities.

Please use this form to provide Lyn with the information she needs to complete your profile.
i.e. the name you are currently using.
i.e. the name on your Birth Certificate.
if known.

2 reviews for Personal Profile (Adult)

  1. Ali – Adelaide South Australia

    From an email received:
    When Lyn provided a numbers report for me I was blown away. Her knowledge is incredible about the science behind this modality. Everything she included in that report helped me connect the dots and understand certain events. She is passionate about her work, and I am looking forward to learning more

    Ali – Adelaide, South Australia

  2. Larassia – Victoria

    From an email received:
    I didn’t believe much in numerology until I had my session with Lyn. I was amazed to say the least! Everything was so accurate. It was great to know more about my strengths and that I’m doing the right things. It really boosted my confidence!!! Thank you Lyn!

    Larissa – South Australia

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