Divine Triangle Blueprint

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This is one of my personal favourites… The Divine Triangle is about discovering the events which you will experience in this lifetime. The Life Theorem of Pythagoras is the basis of the Divine Triangle, and as you will see from the Blueprint his right triangle theorem is the foundation upon which each of the squares is built. This is your personal blueprint, the core being which resides within your heart ?

Yours in Numbers⭐️

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2 reviews for Divine Triangle Blueprint

  1. Stella – Victoria

    From email received:
    I honestly had no idea numbers could tell you so much. I didn’t know a thing about numerology until I had my triangle blueprint completed. All I can say is I was blown away. Lyn is so thorough and passionate. She is truly gifted. Lyn you never cease to amaze me. I am grateful you have come into my life. I would not hesitate recommending Lyn.

    Stella – Victoria, Australia

  2. Margaret – Melbourne

    From email received:
    After my introduction to the workshop, I then decided to ask Lyn to organize a gift, The Divine Triangle (Blueprint) for my 40th birthday in 2020! All I have to say is, HOW did she know? The numbers don’t lie! There is no way she could have known the alignment of numbers and events of my life – Everything Lies Veiled in Numbers! My life expectancy can project to circa 144 years & I know that with my own insight into Quantum Physics & epigenetics that this is 100% more than available for all of us. An amazing opportunity to gain a deeper insight into how & why has been so soothing for me as I’ve navigated through so many challenges & what I call my life, an obstacle race! I have also recently launched a business & knowing the power of numbers now, I also asked Lyn to do the calculations for my business name & wow, it shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore but like a child at heart, I was speechless at the alignment of all the meanings behind the letters & numbers. I can’t thank you enough Lyn for being such a humble soul in my life & I am forever (perhaps until age 144) grateful for the work you do. With love and so much respect.

    Margaret – Melbourne, Australia

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