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Relationships are ever changing – this profile can help you gain some understanding of clarifying personal characteristics and motivations. It  will give you a picture of the kind of individuals you are, and explore the dynamics involved in your relationship.      This is an excellent investment when deciding whether to take your relationship to the next level of commitment.

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1 review for Relationship Profile

  1. Maria & Tony – Perth Western Australia

    From email received:
    My relationship of 10 years was struggling. I was introduced to Lyn by a mutual friend at a very sensitive time in my life. After chatting, Lyn gently guided me through a beautiful discussion of ‘no blame’. I realised that I was partly at fault with the disintegration of my marriage. I decided to give it one last chance and asked Lyn to prepare a relationship profile. My husband and I were totally amazed after reading it. It helped us to realise that we both had positive and negative traits. The information Lyn provided was incredible and 8 years on, we are still married. Thank you so much Lyn.

    Maria & Tony – Perth, Western Australia

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