Margaret Elisa Lee

WOW!! Where do I even begin! I met Lyn Busuttil through mutual friends & I knew there was indeed something quite unique about her, I feel like I’ve known her from another life as we automatically clashed, then clicked like soul sisters (quite common when like attracts like). On the 1st June, I decided to do a Numerology workshop with Lyn (I was super curious!) & WOW, what a revelation that was! Who knew that numbers could indicate so much about one’s unspoken of & deep personal life experiences. I felt safe & open to the numbers work & learnt so much from just that one workshop. To be honest I knew nothing about Numerology when I decided to participate in the workshop nor just how significant my date of & time of birth actually is! Born in the year of the monkey, I felt I needed to go much deeper & gain a sense of what was, what is & the potential of my future in alignment with my DOB. I also had a numerology reading done for a friend’s birthday gift & he loved it! I then decided to ask Lyn to organize a gift, The Divine Triangle (Blueprint) for my 40th birthday in 2020! All I have to say is, HOW did she know? The numbers don’t lie! There is no way she could have known the alignment of numbers and events of my life – Everything Lies Veiled in Numbers! My life expectancy can project to circa 144 years & I know that with my own insight into Quantum Physics & epigenetics that this is 100% more than available for all of us. An amazing opportunity to gain a deeper insight into how & why has been so soothing for me as I’ve navigated through so many challenges & what I call my life, an obstacle race! I have also recently launched a business & knowing the power of numbers now, I also asked Lyn to do the calculations for my business name & wow, it shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore but like a child at heart, I was speechless at the alignment of all the meanings behind the letters & numbers. I can’t thank you enough Lyn for being such a humble soul in my life & I am forever (perhaps until age 144) grateful for the work you do. With love and so much respect, Margaret xxoo